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Okay I'm getting slightly less lazy again. Good.

Nice To Know [song] -~- Mopey to angry to self-loathing song
The Last Shred [one chapter wonder] -~- A strange fic before Voldie's downfall where Lucius is about to kill a Muggle man and he gives a speech... serious fic
If It's The Last Thing I Do [chapter 2] -~- Lily finds out what she is
If It's The Last Thing I Do [chapter 3] -~- James and Sirius first meet

You Will Be Mine [chapter 6] -~- The Shriek Of Karma
After All [one chapter wonder] -~- (RPG-related), Jess and Sirius talk late one night, and unexpectedly bond! My God!
That Night [one chapter wonder] -~- (RPG-related), Jess writes a letter to some of her friends about the night everything changed. Dark dark, fucked up story.
If It's The Last Thing I Do [chapter 4] -~- Lily goes to buy her stuff, and meets a few strange people

{most titles here are tentative, as I haven't written them yet}
These Rainy Days -~- Sirius sitting at home on a rainy day, and begins to contemplate the idea that he doesn't have to live with his family forever
Innocence -~- Dumbledore's point of view, the day Sirius was taken to Azkaban... I'm just assuming they were in the courtroom thingy (I am too lazy to remember proper names dammit) to sentence him, even though he had no trial
Safety -~- A young Andromeda and Siri (as in like 7 or 8), running around Siri's house
The Quiet Ones -~- A Severus fic (!!!), him at home at around 15 or 16, his parents fighting blah blah blah
In Any Light - Remus/Sirius fic, from Remus' point of view, a fluffy type thingy, after sex, in the dark, from Remmie's point of view.
No Sense At All -~- Lily/James, from Lily's point of view, a nice PG fic, one of their first dates
The Two Moons -~- Sirius/Remus, Sirius has a dream about Remus (in the fic they're not together yet, but Siri has a crush on him), and it's a really fucked-up weird dream.
The Dying Embers -~- A Remus fic, Remus sits there and thinks about the death of the character who died in OotP (yes I can be nice and not give spoilers, even though I imagine most of you have read all 5 books by now...)
The Strangest Girl -~- James/Lily fic, James' point of view, James at home shortly after graduating Hogwarts, thinking about Lily.
Amber Eyes -~- (mildly slashy, but subtle, no established relationship between S&R), Sirius is staying at Remus' place in the summer after their sixth year, he wakes up early and watches Remus sleep.
Sunflower Seeds -~- Hermione/Luna (!!), a very unexpected thing saves Hermione's life
The Right Ones -~- Lily/James, Lily's point of view, Lily reminisces just before their wedding
Damned Gits -~- Tonks over at Siri's, OotP time, Siri is depressed and Tonks (as always) just means well
Never Again -~- James/Sirius, from James' point of view, he writes down what happened once, and swears it will never happen again. Shortly after Harry's birth.
The Wall -~- (RPG-related), Jessica's at home, she "misbehaved" and is being punished. Psychological, weird, dark fic
This Mail Thing -~- Andromeda waits for word from Sirius after he's ran away
Always -~- Sirius is babysitting Harry one stormy night and makes a pledge
For Tomorrow -~- Voldemort fic, he thinks to himself as he kills the Potters
Purely -~- A fic from James' point of view, about the hatred between him and Snape
Helpless -~- Bellatrix/Voldemort, before Voldemort's downfall, Voldie lectures Bella, weird slashy dark abusey strange fic
You Can't -~- James/Lily, from James' point of view, James thinks as he dies
The Only Crime -~- Voldemort fic, he justifies what he does to himself

So yes. Now does everyone understand why I've been hesitant on starting my workload?

I'll try to start soon.

Cheers, and sorry for all the crossposting,

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