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First Real Post...

Hey. I was just wondering if a few people could check this out to me. It's no where near my greatest work. However, I had to do this assignment for my creative writing class. It was part of an exercise... look at a picture, describe it, then tell what happened before the picture was taken and what would happen afterward. I did my best, so please tell me what you think. It's due Thursday.

She stood in the mirror readying herself for the day. Make up was carefully applied by dainty fingers, her hair curled until it just touched her shoulders and her best dress slipped on. Her excitement for what was to come grew as she did each thing. With one final glance in the mirror, she smiled, happy with what she saw. All that was left to do was wait.
From across the lake he would come, riding in his white boat much like a knight on a white stead. He had invited her to go sailing after exchanging yet another nervous bit of chit chat, both feeling a little silly around one another the way awkward school children with crushes do. When he had finally mustered up the courage to ask, she had flashed him her most beautiful smile and graciously accepted. It would be her pleasure, she had assured him.
Slowly she walked to the window and gazed out, waiting for him to arrive. A smile graced her red lips as she imagined how the day would play out. The curtain danced in the wind, momentarily wrapping around her, before pushing away, almost as if sharing her happiness. The sun shone magnificently in the clear sky, making the perfect backdrop to the light blue lake lapping gently at the shore. Every boat that glided across the water sparked excitement within her. But none came near…
Daydreams faded as the sky slowly became darker. Shoulders drooped further the longer she waited. The curls in her hair began to come undone from her nervous fingers pulling on it and running through it. Her lips, once a beautiful shade of red, faded from being pursed together to form a thin line. A white and blue striped dress had made her figure look flawless, but was now wrinkled from leaning against the windowsill so long. The makeup leaked from the corner of her eyes, tainting her porcelain face. A final sigh was breathed as she realized he wasn't coming. The frown looked at home upon her dreary face as she closed the windows and retreated to her bedroom.

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