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Reposting the rules because I don't think a lot of the new people were here when I changed them.

[x] Spell check is your friend
[x] Use correct grammar
[x] Any kind of fanfiction is allowed, as well as some fiction
[x] No bashing other members, telling them that their writing sucks. If this happens, you will be warned once, and if it happens again you'll be banned. Constructive critiscm is always welcome, but don't take it any further than that.
[x] If you have a fanfiction or fiction website that you would like on the userinfo page, please include the URL in your first post.
[x] When posting something - anything at all - you must comment and leave a review on any two posts below your own. This will keep the community from going dead, and will prevent some people from getting 15 reviews, while others get none at all.
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